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Finding and evaluating new technology can be time-consuming. Once the process is over, the last thing you want is to invest two more months in onboarding the platform. But the reality is implementing and rolling out new tech can take weeks, months, or longer.

Implementing new tech should be easy

Sonar was founded by ops pros who have experienced the painfully slow process of onboarding a new platform. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide a better experience to our customers. 

We make it so simple to implement Sonar that it may just be the easiest tech you will ever add to your stack. But don’t take our word for it. According to G2 users, it takes 71 days on average to onboard new tech. But for Sonar, the average drops down to just three days.

Why is Sonar the fastest time-to-value of any tool in your tech stack? Because it only takes less than one hour and three easy steps to implement:

  1. Connect your Salesforce and Pardot orgs (production or sandbox)
  2. Sync with Sonar
  3. Create a living blueprint of your metadata so you can explore fields, objects, automations, reports, and more

In less than 1 hour of your first sync, Sonar shows you your fields and dependencies

Quick implementation leads to better results

By implementing new technology faster, you can boost end-user adoption, help your go-to-market teams see results quicker, and start getting ROI on day one.

What other ops teams love about onboarding Sonar

MURAL reduces ramp time to less than one day

Digital workspace MURAL was growing quickly and brought on a new RevOps Manager, Keith J., to tackle major projects. In just three months on the new job, Keith completed a significant migration with Sonar, overhauling the company’s entire opportunity object.


“My ramp time was reduced from 90 days to 0… [it] was reduced by 100%.”

– Keith J.

G2 users see value right away

Sonar was awarded 38 badges by G2 users for winter 2022, including:


“Sonar is easy to implement (a rare treat in the SF Integration world to be done properly), easy to use, and functioned as expected immediately after setup.”

– G2 user

Give Sonar a Test Run

Ready to add the easiest tech to your stack? Sonar can sync with your systems and bring you value in less than 60 minutes. Try it out today to start seeing results.