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As a consultant, you want to do everything you can to build a strong relationship with your clients and help them achieve their goals. But often, consultants are put in an awkward position. It’s hard for a client to visualize all of the work you’ve done without documentation, but they don’t want you to use your billable time to document it.

Why does documentation matter?

Showing your client the changes you made in their go-to-market tech stack demonstrates your full scope of work and helps you build trust quickly. Plus, it provides the context your clients need to navigate their systems in the future successfully. 

But documenting changes is a time-consuming process. And clients often prefer you focus your billable time on knocking out work instead of taking notes of what you accomplished.

The complications of documentation are a massive pain point for the consulting community. Even if you set aside time to document your changes, your notes are often outdated by the time you or your client references them. 

Meet Jacki L., a leading operations consultant who has encountered the documentation challenge throughout her career. 

automatic documentationHow to document your changes automatically

Finally, there is a way to automatically document every change you make in your client’s tech stack. With Sonar’s Change Timelines, you can track the additions, subtractions, and changes you make without losing any billable time.

Sonar also gives you visibility into changes made by others, whether they happened yesterday or months ago. This means that a change made by someone else working in the tech stack never impacts your project.

The best part? Sonar helps you showcase the value of your work without having to spend unbillable time on documentation. With Sonar automatically documenting every change you make, you can open the lines of communication with your client. Giving your clients better visibility into your work helps you strengthen your relationship and establish trust.

Sonar’s Change Timelines feature helped Jacki L. avoid time-consuming games and knock out more work.

Automatic DocumentationUnlock the benefits Sonar offers to consultants

Automatic documentation is just one of the ways that Sonar supports consultants. See how we can help you.