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Revenue engines rely on constant changes to optimize the go-to-market tech stack, leaving your ops team to field change requests nonstop. Requests can come at any time or place. In a meeting, through a Slack message, or via a deskside chat. 

When a request is received, ops teams usually start with running an analysis to understand the complexity and amount of effort it takes to accomplish. If it’s something quick or easy, you can tackle it right away. But if it’s a bigger undertaking, you might move it to the backlog to be dealt with later. 

The analysis step is critical because it determines if and when to handle the request. The analysis is often needed right away, forcing ops teams to rely on guesswork to decide the request’s difficulty and effort. If you can recall how you handled a similar request in the past, you may be able to take a stab at a guess. But if you have no idea what it entails, fear of its potential impacts can cause you to avoid it at all costs, leaving it to linger in your backlog for days, months, or possibly forever.

The benefits of running an accurate on demand analysis

If you run a request analysis successfully, you can:

  • Step up the quality of your work and get on a predictable operating schedule
  • Consistently meet your deadlines, so you never negatively impact your other projects 
  • Establish trust with your go-to-market and leadership teams
  • Avoid unnecessary meetings by understanding and acting on requests right away
  • Better manage your backlog by visualizing the complexity, impact, and effort of every request
  • Work at a higher capacity and get through your tickets faster
  • Stop rushing through changes so important data is never lost

How to successfully run an analysis on demand

Running an analysis for a request quickly is impossible without a Change Intelligence platform.

Using a Change Intelligence platform like Sonar helps you:

  • Scope the complexity and impact of a request by seeing how an item is referenced 
  • Determine how long the request will take, so you can justify the time required with leadership
  • Figure out the request’s priority and when to tackle it
  • Go through requests stuck in your backlog, so you can knock out easy wins

How Sonar helps ops teams run an analysis on demand

Meet Jess C., a Senior Business Process Analyst at Sitecore, and the liaison for her go-to-market team’s requests. Jess regularly meets with decision-makers from the go-to-market functions to hear what their departments need. Jess must react on the spot, giving the leaders an idea of what their request entails and a rough estimate of how long it might take her team. 

Before Sonar, answering these requests live meant Jess had to guess the complexity and how much time it would take. Now Jess has the visibility she needs to immediately see how complex a request is and accurately judge how long it will take to complete. 

By providing reliable, accurate analyses, Jess has built trust with her leadership team. Plus, her team’s backlog has gone down, with Jess using Sonar to identify quick requests that they can knock out right away.

Take the guesswork out of your on demand analysis

Sonar can help take your on demand analysis from time-consuming to incredibly easy. Try Sonar for free and start tackling your requests with confidence today.