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You probably know the saying: it’s more expensive to get a new customer than to retain a current one. Over the past decade, many companies have shifted from “acquisition at all costs” to “maximizing the customer experience.” Because of this shift, customer experience operations—or CX Ops—was born.

As companies continue to realize the massive impact that reducing churn and keeping customers happy can have on revenue, CX Ops teams have continued to grow into their own entity. In order to be truly successful, CX Ops is made up of a cross-functional group of employees from sales, marketing, customer support, and product—as all of these teams, ideally, have an ultimate goal to help their customers succeed and grow.

CX Ops teams bring real, quantifiable value to an organization, but due to its cross-functional nature, sometimes that value is harder to see. Let’s walk through why CX Ops is so valuable and how these teams can help drive your company’s ROI.

CX Ops teams can have an impact on your company

Take a moment to think about the companies you’ve had wonderful interactions with and the ones that… weren’t so great. Which ones were easier to remember and list off the top of your head?

The bad ones? Yeah, us too.

A negative experience will often stick with someone for much longer than a positive one. In these not-so-ideal situations, on the company’s side, it’s not always malicious. Maybe the customer service rep is overworked and underpaid, they have too many conversations going on at once, or they’re told to prioritize the number of tickets completed over actually helping the customer—effectively reducing each customer to dollar signs.

Although this kind of attitude seems prolific, it absolutely doesn’t have to be. This is where the expertise of a CX Ops team comes in to help you not only make and retain happy customers, but grow the business’ ROI while they do it, too.

How CX Ops can help you drive ROI

In today’s world, where consumers expect two-day shipping and immediate responses from every company they work with, a good customer experience is vital for success. If someone doesn’t like interacting with your business, they’ll simply go elsewhere. It’s no question that you should prioritize the customer experience for your business, and creating a solid, supported CX Ops team is the right place to start.

When well supported, CX Ops teams can help:

  • Decrease churn
  • Increase NPS scores
  • Boost upsells

How a Change Intelligence platform supports CX Ops

Simply implementing a CX Ops team just isn’t enough. Much like your sales and marketing teams, you need to give your CX Ops teams the keys they need to succeed. If you run a million-dollar company, but only have one or two full-time CX Ops employees that don’t have the ability to communicate with the other Ops teams at your company… that’s going to be a problem.

This is where a Change Intelligence platform like Sonar comes into play. By serving as a single source of truth for all of your ops teams, CX Ops can integrate their work with the rest of the company and rest easy that all of their changes make sense for everyone. Sonar helps you:

  • Break down silos and work across ops teams with Initiatives. Everyone at your company that needs to be in the know will be.
  • Understand your tech stack dependencies so your changes don’t impact other go-to-market teams. You can say goodbye to those late-night messages and urgent phone calls because something broke.
  • Get accurate Salesforce reports to measure your success and find ways to improve.

Reduce churn and keep your customers happy

Find out how Sonar can help your CX Ops teams drive consistent ROI. Try us for free today.