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Thanks to our incredible community of RevOps professionals and customers, we’re proud to share Sonar is joining Forbes’ list of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2022, coming in at number 80 out of 500. 

We’re on the list alongside some of Atlanta’s best, including Calendly, Terminus, and FullStory. Our customers made the list as well, like Sendoso, Vanta, Homeward, Outreach, Iterable, and Pendo.

Each company Forbes chooses as a Best Startup Employer must have at least 50 employees and be founded between 2012 – 2019. But the real deciding factors? Those come down to reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth. 


How did Sonar make the Best Startup Employers list?

Our reputation is key to our success

Since our launch in 2018, Sonar has been paving the way in Change Intelligence–and our hard work is paying off. Operations teams are raving, giving Sonar a near-perfect rating on G2, the world’s most trusted software review platform. Along with our rating, we’re also one of G2’s top 50 software for 2022 thanks to its users who gave us high marks for our easy-to-use platform and quick setup process.

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jack McGlinchey reiterates how important Sonar’s reputation is to our overall success. 


One of the biggest things Brad (Sonar Co-founder and CEO) and I focus on at Sonar is not just building an amazing product that solves important problems – we also want to build a company with a reputation our employees are proud of.


We believe employee satisfaction leads to innovation 

Happy employees make for good employees, and overall productivity rises the more a company cares about the well-being of its team members. For the Best Startup Employers rankings, Forbes measures satisfaction based on online reviews, average length of employment, and retention.

Sonar takes the well-being and satisfaction of our employees seriously, keeping the lines of communication open to ensure every voice is heard and every concern addressed. To keep a pulse on how employees are feeling, we hold quarterly surveys through CultureAmp to see where we can improve company culture. And the results speak for themself:

By giving employees a way to voice their thoughts, we keep these numbers high.


Our growth has taken off

Sonar has grown a lot over the last two years. In May 2020, we raised $1.6 million in a funding round led by Parade Ventures. And that was just the beginning. In March 2021, we secured a $12 million Series A led by Craft Ventures. This funding has almost tripled our team, helping us become the top-rated Change Intelligence platform we are today.

Our product is growing fast, too. We started out with an integration with Salesforce and kept growing from there. In 2022, we expanded to Pardot, helping ops teams bridge the gap between marketing and sales. 

We now integrate with Slack as well, increasing ops teams’ visibility into their tech stack by sending a daily snapshot of what changed across Salesforce and Pardot.


We don’t plan to stop at #80 

Forbes choosing Sonar is a huge milestone for our company. By continuing to focus on our product, team, and customers, this is just the start of our growth and success. After all, there are a lot of lists out there, and we plan to be on them. 

Want to see what makes us great? Try Sonar for free.