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As you build and scale your company, it can be easy to compartmentalize strategies for your sales and RevOps teams. But viewing them separately often leads to unsynchronized efforts and communication gaps, which can have negative downstream impacts. The key is to align sales and RevOps through an integrated approach that streamlines efforts and maximizes impact.

Sonar recently teamed up with David Sacks, Co-Founder at Craft Ventures, to chat about aligning your sales and RevOps teams to fast-track success and accelerate your revenue growth. The conversation featured a panel of high-growth companies from Craft Ventures’ portfolio, including Brad Smith, CEO & Co-founder at Sonar, Pouyan Salehi, CEO & Co-founder at Scratchpad, Kris Rudeegraap, CEO & Co-founder at Sendoso, and Jason Dorfman, CEO & Co-founder at Orum.

Watch the webinar’s recording to learn how to: