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Own your changes, intelligently.

Sonar gives you a clear view into your tech stack, so you can simplify complex change. And never break a critical process again.

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See how teams work 40%
with Sonar.


Search any component and its dependencies in seconds. Sonar helps you visualize fields, automations, and dependencies, so you know the impacts of a change before you make it.


Scope & Change Management

Knock out your to-do list faster. Initiatives help you visually organize scope, assign tasks, and document why things changed in Salesforce and Pardot.


Change Timelines

Never spend time on documentation again. Gain visibility into changes made across teams, whether they happened yesterday or months ago.


Potential Issues

Avoid the silent breakages that lead to data loss. Potential Issues show you possible breakages in your automation, so you can fix them before they cause any ripple effects.


We integrate with your
business-critical systems.

Sonar helps you navigate automations, reports, APEX classes, and more.

Sonar helps you connect the dots across your automations, forms, emails, and more.

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Built for your revenue-centric teams.

Ops Teams

We help you remove barriers for your sales and go-to-market teams, so they can get more work done.

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Sonar supports Ops Teams →

salesforce admin

Salesforce Admins

We help you make confident changes, complete more user requests, and optimize processes faster.

Learn more about how
Sonar supports Salesforce Admins →

IT & Business Systems

We help you gain visibility across your systems, so you drive more ROI from your tech stack.

Learn more about how Sonar supports
IT & Business Systems Teams →


We help you align your team’s actions, protect critical data, and achieve your strategic goals.

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Sonar supports CXOs →

Go-To-Market Leaders

We make it simple to optimize go-to-market processes, so your teams can easily work together in sync.

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supports Go-To-Market Leaders →


We help you navigate every Salesforce org easily, so you can knock out projects and build trust with your clients.

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supports Consultants →

Hear why our customers love us.

Complexity, meet simplicity.

information silo

Change Intelligence disrupts the complex, tedious way of managing change and
brings ops teams a smarter way to work.

With the power of Change Intelligence, you get a clear view into your tech stack,
so you can redesign processes with no stress. Make changes without risking reports.
And release new automations faster than ever before.

Change Intelligence helps ops teams see obstacles and navigate change easily.

By monitoring your tech stack for changes, we give your cross-functional teams the scalable processes they need to keep your business operations running smoothly.


Sonar has 4.8 stars on G2.

“As a leader, I am able to empower key stakeholders in the organization to make specific Salesforce updates and see a daily digest of metadata changes made. [Sonar] will show the before and after states and sort through this change log as needed.”

Scott N., Director, Business Systems

“Sonar has saved my team and me countless hours when problem-solving errors in our Salesforce environments. Historically, we only had the ‘where is this used’ button but being able to see all field references across the entire org is a lifesaver.”

Peter D.

“Have you ever changed a formula field and realized you completely broke the formula but didn’t store your original formula? Don’t worry, Sonar’s sync will catch that change and show you the previous formula, and what you changed it to.”

Vinny P., Head of RevOps

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